About EFI



The European Forest Institute is an international organisation, established by European States.

  • 29 European States have ratified the Convention on EFI.
  • We have c.110 Associate and Affiliate Member organisations in 37 countries.
  • Our Headquarters is in Joensuu, Finland, and we also have offices in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden, as well as project offices in Malaysia and China.

Our work

We conduct research and provide policy support on issues related to forests.

  • We facilitate and stimulate forest-related networking and promote the dissemination of unbiased and policy-relevant information on forests and forestry.
  • We also advocate for forest research and for the use of scientifically sound information as a basis for forest policies.

Our work in the field of policy support includes enhanced support for decision takers and policy makers. We host the EU FLEGT Facility which supports the EU Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) process in developing countries, related to the implementation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan. We also host the EU REDD Facility, which supports partner countries in improving land use governance as part of their effort to slow, halt and reverse deforestation.

Find out more in the EFI Strategy 2025.

general presentation

See EFI's general presentation here.