Bioeconomy and forest fires

Role of bioeconomy in controlling forest fires

Madrid, 29.05.2018

Join us for our next ThinkForest seminar, which aims to provide a better science-policy understanding of the problem of forest fires.

Forest fires have become an increasingly important environmental and economic global challenge. At worst, they cause human and fauna disasters, lost opportunities for livelihood, and play a major role in global CO2 emissions. In southern Europe, the cumulative effects of global warming, fire-prone landscapes, changes in urbanisation patterns, as well as the lack of perceived value of forests for local populations, create favourable conditions for catastrophic forest fires. The cost of fire mitigation and control amounts to several billion euros each year, as well as jeopardizes forest policy implementation in Southern Europe.

This ThinkForest event will discuss the opportunities that forest bioeconomy and new policy incentives and measures, for example, under CAP, could offer.

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