Solution Hack for journalists on circular economy

The Lookout Station, a science-media initiative of the European Forest Institute, is preparing a new edition of the Solution Hack for Journalists. This 2-day masterclass will combine training on the Disruptive Design Method and a field trip coordinated by Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.  

In partnership with Disrupt Design founded by Leyla Acaroglu, the UNEP Champion of the Earth, and Sitra, the Solution Hack for Journalists offers a free training on a method that helps journalists get information on the big picture of climate and global changes.

The Helsinki edition will take place on 26-27 March and will gather about 16 journalists from in and out of Europe. The group will explore the world of circular economy and environmentally friendly business practices and product development. The masterclass will focus on life cycle thinking and life cycle stages to understand how the product is made, and how it can be used, reused and disposed. Journalists will also dig deeper into how Finland, a leading innovation country, is tackling climate and global challenges to build a sustainable future.