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Published on 13.08.2018

Agroforestry in Europe: A land management policy tool to combat climate

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Why and how forest fires are becoming a European problem?

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REINFFORCE - Resource INFrastructures for monitoring, adapting and protecting European Atlantic FORests under Changing climatE

REINFFORCE project corresponds to Priority B. INTERREG 4B operational program. The reality of global warming is universally accepted with optimistic scenarios predicting a change of 4°C in the next 50 years. But the regional consequences of this change are unknown, with more emphasis in the oceanic area, because of e.g. climatic (evolution of regional rainfall, evolution of Gulf Stream, etc.), economic (evolution of cost of the energy, of renewable solutions, evolution of world trade, etc.) and environmental (evolution of pest an diseases, sea level, etc.) uncertainties.

RECOGNITION - Relationships Between Recent Changes of Growth and Nutrition of Norway Spruce, Scots Pine and European Beech Forests in Europe

The first objective of this FAIR project (CT98-4124) is to identify the potential causes of recent growth trends in European forests and to investigate their interactions with focus on the relative importance of nutrients (primarily nitrogen and CO2), climate (primarily temperature and precipitation) and land-use changes. The second objective is to focus on growth analyses on selected sites where conditions and availability of historical data allow testing of specific hypotheses about the causes of changes in site productivity.

The Lookout Station

The Lookout Station is a new initiative by EFI that connects media and science communities around the topic of climate change, with ‘digital innovation’ as the backbone. To tackle the challenges that prevent collaboration between science and the media, the Lookout Station will offer programmes that target both communities. It supports the media to produce engaging science-based stories about climate change with new tools.

STORMS - Destructive Storms in European Forests – Past and Forthcoming Impacts

The project aimed  to understand the nature of the wind damage risk to European forest, how this risk might change, the social, environmental and economic impacts of that change and the role policy instruments can play in reducing that risk and speeding up recovery following storm events.

The final results of the projects are available here: (last visited 27.7.2018)

TESEO - Treaty Enforcement Services Using Earth Observation, Theme 2: Carbon

The general objective of the TESEO projects was to find and develop prototype products that help in enforcing international environmental treaties. This project focused  on the carbon issues and is thus associated with the enforcement of the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climatic Change (1997). The Kyoto Protocol includes the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) (or "carbon trading").