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Ivana.Zivojinovic Tue, 12.18.2018 - 10:33
A review of recent projects on forest biodiversity investigations in Europe including Russia Rach.Colling Thu, 10.18.2018 - 09:21

Technical Report 3

L.G. Khanina, M.V. Bobrovsky, T. Karjalainen, A.S. Komarov
Assessment of methodologies for valuing biological diversity of forests Rach.Colling Thu, 10.18.2018 - 09:19

Technical Report 4

Pere Riera
Biodiversity Indicators on Silvopastoralism across Europe Rach.Colling Thu, 10.18.2018 - 08:51

Technical Report 21

Mercedes Rois-Díaz, Rosa Mosquera-Losada, Antonio Rigueiro-Rodríguez
Impacts of Biological and Landscape Diversity Protection on the Wood Supply in Europe Rach.Colling Thu, 10.18.2018 - 08:18

Technical Report 27

Pieter J. Verkerk, Giuliana Zanchi, Marcus Lindner
News on Integrated Forest Management
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Gesche.Schiffe… Fri, 09.28.2018 - 11:11
SPONFOREST - Unravelling the potential of spontaneousforest establishment for improving ecosystem functions and services in dynamic landscapes Minna.Korhonen Thu, 08.23.2018 - 08:22

The EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020 aims to establish green infrastructures and to restore at least 15% of degraded ecosystems until 2020. Forests play a key role to reach these aims. While European policy strongly supports the afforestation of former farmlands, it has to date largely neglected opportunities for passive landscape restoration. Spontaneous forest establishment is occurring in many parts of Europe following the widespread abandonment of agricultural land use.