EFISCEN training Satu.Ikonen-Williams Wed, 11.06.2019 - 06:31
Aims provide a training on the use of the EFISCEN model to experts from Romania.
SUFOGIS training on geo-information technologies Minna.Korhonen Wed, 08.28.2019 - 12:11
SUFOGIS Summer School on on geo-information technologies was held in July 2019 in Greece.
An International Summer School teaches innovative tools to manage European forests in a sustainable and resilient manner Marta.Briones Fri, 07.05.2019 - 14:56
This year´s international summer school provided an ideal environment for sharing knowledge and experience across Europe and further afield, and for developing strong peer groups in the forestry community who will be able to support each other in the future.


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Published on 04.07.2019

Innovation in the use of wood energy in the Ukrainian Carpathians: Opportunities and threats for rural communities

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