Planted forests research

The Planted Forests Facility contributes mainly to the topics of EFI's Resilience Programme, as well as to the two other EFI programmes.


Programme Area Facility focus
Resilience The impacts of global change and related risks.
The capacity to help adapt and the provision of forest ecosystem services and products
Specific risk evolution and adaptive capacity to climate change; improvement of management practices (from stand to landscape) to address related risks providing goods and services
Resilience Strategies and management practices to enhance resilience of rural areas to climate change The role of planted forests in supporting resilient rural territories, including improving knowledge of the genetic resources used
Bioeconomy The future demand and supply of forest products, forest biomass and ecosystem services, and their implications for sustainable forest management as well as for afforestation and plantation forestry The role of planted forests and forestry in of the intensification of wood production and mobilisation for developing an ambitious bioeconomy. Understanding the value chains connected to planted forests and assessing their sustainability and profitability
Governance Forest and land use conflicts and synergies, including an understanding of key societal demands  a and the trade - offs between forest ecosystem services, products and land uses The role of planted forests in land use competition and perceptions of planted forests

The Planted Forests Facility facilitates knowledge development and uptake in sustainable plantation forestry, providing expertise to practitioners and policy makers via a number of Research & Development projects.
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Head of Facility: Christophe Orazio

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